Planning Inquiry

On 20th July 2004 APMobile published the Planning Report, which was the result of an Inquiry into the siting and location of mobile phone masts. Click here to read the press release.

The installation of mobile phone masts is a hugely emotive and controversial issue for many people, and the Report contains 19 key recommendations aimed at improving the level of consultation in the planning process, to ensure that communities feel their voice is being heard, whilst at the same time recognising the benefits that mobile communications bring. 

Following publication of the Report, Government initially responded on 23rd July 2004 with the following statement

Once Parliament returned from summer recess, APMobile's Secretary - Paul Truswell MP - secured an adjournment debate on 18th October 2004 to continue to put pressure on Government to implement the recommendations made in the Report. 

On 24th November 2004, APMobile Chairman Phil Willis MP tabled Early Day Motion 168 in the House of Commons, calling on the Government to implement the recommendations. View the EDM and the current number of signatures here.

On 9th December 2004, the Planning Minister, Keith Hill MP made a statement to the House of Commons on planning for telecommunications developments, in which he recognised the work done by APMobile through the Planning Report. click here to read the ODPM Press Release and Statement.

On 12th January 2005, Andrew Stunell MP's Private Members Bill, entitled Telecommunication Masts (Planning Control) had its formal first reading in the House of Commons.  The Bill seeks to implement the recommendations made in the Planning Report.  The passage of Private Members Bills is a very complicated process.  To read about how this works and to view the Bill's progress click here .  To view the Bill itself click here.

On 18th March 2005, the Bill began its second reading in the House.  However, due to the previous Private Members Bill being debated  - controversially - for hour and a half hours, only 20 minutes remained for the Bill to be discussed.  Although the debate was adjourned and re-scheduled for 22nd April, this will not take place due to the impending General Election.  Phil Willis MP, Chair of the Group, promised to continue the progress made at the earliest opportunity: I am determined that this piece of legislation is forced on to the statute book and after the election I will campaign relentlessly for just that.  

To view the transcript of Hansard for the Bill's short second reading, click here. 

Evidence from the Inquiry

Oral transcript from the 12th May 2004: Click here to view.  

Oral transcript from the 11th May 2004: Click here to view

Written evidence made available to the public: Click here for information .

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